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Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, Hand in Hand Day Centre will not be hosting clients for the foreseeable future. Please do come back and check for updates.

Welcome to Hand in Hand Day Centre

Specialising in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

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We understand the difficulties that families can face when supporting someone with dementia 24 hours a day. The person’s needs can be complex and require many skills to manage, leading to tiredness and the need for a well-deserved break for the carer. We can help with providing this break allowing the carer to have time to shop, relax, have fun or just catch up on sleep! Safe in the knowledge that the family member is being cared for in a loving and caring environment and also having fun.

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Person centred care helps to ensure people with dementia can take part in activities they enjoy.

It can be an effective way of preventing and managing the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Key points of person-centred care:

  • Treating the person with dignity and respect
  • Understand their history, lifestyle, culture and preferences, including their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests
  • Looking at the point of view of the person with dementia
  • Providing opportunities for the person to have conversations and relationships with other people
  • Ensuring the person has the chance to try new things or take part in activities they enjoy.
  • Family, carers and the person with dementia should be involved in developing a plan based on person-centred care.
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Activities can help you maintain independent and provide a great sense of enjoyment. Simply talking to others can prevent isolation. When tasks become difficult we help find a way of maintaining skills for longer.

Activities will be tailored to the individual but can include food preparation, cooking and doing simple household tasks. Our activities include:

  • Creative and fun activities.
  • Craft work, painting, sewing and woodwork.
  • Puzzles and games are great to keep the mind active and a great way of interacting with others.
  • Music is a popular activity including singing
  • Dancing and exercising
  • Gardening in our raised beds and tubs


  • Dedicated care for dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Rural location – safe environment minimal vehicle traffic.
  • Person centred care. – Individual care plans for each client – no one size fits all.
  • Homely environment – décor and ambience set in homely format with separate seating areas in sofas and armchairs.
  • Award winning carers in management – 2018 carers of the year awards & Gold award for outstanding carers of the year 2018 for Devon & Cornwall.
  • Over 40 years’ experience in the caring profession.
  • Outdoor areas including raised garden and seating area and woodland walks.
  • In-house catering, providing a hot midday meal.


Brian & Sheila Baker have been working with Shared Lives South West for the past 13 years, providing both residential care and short term respite in their home at Halamanning. Sheila has been caring for others for many years prior to this as she was a State Registered Nurse based in Sussex for many years, plus running a care in the community business in East Sussex, with over 2000 clients to provide for.
Brian left the Royal Navy in 1976 and had a wide variety of jobs, from window cleaning to working in sales, and labouring on building projects amongst many more. This has provided him with a wide spectrum of experience in dealing with different people in different situations and this has proved to be an asset when providing care for others.

Moving to Cornwall in 1998, to combine running a local business in Camborne with seeking a better quality of life and environment, Brian & Sheila both wish they had made the move sooner.

Whilst providing short term residential respite care for people through Shared Lives, it became apparent to them both that there was a real shortage of dedicated respite care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This was often as a result of the specific symptoms and behavioural patterns of these people making it difficult for them to interact with others with less demanding needs, and a “one size fits all” approach to care does not suit those with the many variations of needs of dementia sufferers.

Having a large shed / barn on their smallholding which was being used as part workshop and part storage for “things which may come in handy one day so best hang onto them”, they decided to convert it into a place where day care could be offered in a beautiful rural location and a high level of care could be provided.

Obtaining planning permission was a lengthy and costly process, but once obtained, the daunting challenge of building it became apparent. Brian & Sheila tried to get crowdfunding or grants to help kick-start the building process but all were in vain they decided to invest all their savings and borrow what they could to see the vision through, and so 18 months later, the work is all done, the inspections are complete, certifications provided and they are open for business.


Hand in Hand is in Halamanning, which in itself is a tranquil rural area, add to that a place which is designed to be homely and welcoming, with a large outdoor water feature running down one side providing the calming sound of water tumbling over stones and the plethora of wildlife which inhabit the pond along with a few goldfish.

There is a garden seating area with raised flower beds providing not only the sight and scent of the roses, daisies, clematis etc. but with the opportunity to do some light gardening, (all weeding helpers are very welcome), and when the occasion demands, a barbecue area can provide a tasty snack.

To the South is a small wooded area of about two acres, with a wildlife pond and seating area which provides a perfect spot to unwind and let the troubles of the world wash away as one watches the wide variety of fish mill around through the water lilies, and the dragonflies and nymphs flit back and forth. A network of mown paths wind through the woods, providing an opportunity to stretch the legs and enjoy some light exercise.

All this is set about a half mile from any main road, being surrounded on most sides by green fields.

There is ample parking and a drop off area for wheelchair users.


Person-centred care sounds like a modern catchphrase used to tick a particular box on a form.

However, what it actually alludes to is a care plan that is designed to cater specifically to a person’s individual needs. We believe this is crucial in the care of those with dementia as no two cases are identical.

To minimise stress and confusion, it is best to have knowledge of the person’s past as in what work they did, what hobbies they had, what interests they had etc. as this often lies in the long term memory and thus acts as a mental comfort zone and so it can be used as a distraction to alleviated confusion.


Social interaction is also a vital area to encourage, as isolation can become an intrinsic part of dementia.

Therefore interaction with the carers and other clients can help a great deal. To this end we will not only ensure that clients are included in conversation but staff will eat lunch at the same time as clients because this is a time when interaction is made easy.

There is a type of affinity between people with dementia and young children and as Hand in Hand is located on Brian & Sheila’s home, the occasional visit from their children and grandchildren is very likely.

Young children have no barriers or prejudgment and have an ability to converse with others in a very frank and honest manner which is generally well received by the older person.

It is very common to see a person with dementia’s eyes light up when a child comes in the room. In the same way, animals have a very calming affect so no doubt the resident cat and dog will be well pampered and many “treats” snuck to them when no-one is looking.


Hand in Hand Day Centre will be open between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Costs will be comprised of a baseline cost of £10 per hour which will be inclusive of arranged pick up and drop off times. This will include the provision of a hot meal at lunchtime, thus £50 per day. Pickups and drop offs will be within a 6 mile radius by road of Halamanning.

Due to the very nature of the care offered, it is accepted that not all clients will wish to continue attendance on an on-going basis. To this end Hand in Hand Day Centre will allow a “taster month” whereby fees can be paid weekly in advance for the first four week period only. Subsequently, should the client wish to continue attendance on any daily basis, the fees will be due a month in advance on the 1st of each calendar month.

This will amount to £50.00 per each day of attendance. Hand in Hand Day Centre reserve the right to alter these fees at any time however at least one months’ notice will be provided in writing prior to any cost changes.

Hand in Hand Day Centre retain the right to refuse provision of care, due to unacceptable behaviour or safety issues, at any time as it has an obligation to the safety and welfare of both clients and staff and appropriate notice will be given prior to any such refusal.

This is not the complete account of Hand in Hand Day Centre’s terms and conditions but a basic reference relating to costings and attendance.
Full terms and conditions are available on request.


Hand in Hand can provide a wide range of activities, from ceramic decoration, art, sewing, knitting, gardening, games, puzzles and quizzes, music and singing, dancing, films, memory sessions, helping with tasks in food preparation and more, but in addition to this, it has been found that some items or collections of items can often encourage some interaction.

This may be something like a memory box, possibly of broken toys in a corner which may cause a person to rummage through them trying to repair them, or a collection of dolls may be of interest to someone who had similar dolls as a child.

It is much better to allow someone to delve into their memories of the past where they feel comfortable than constantly try to hold them in the confusing reality of the present.